OncoDot.1 symposium

The online OncoDot.1 symposium is organized by CRIG.

Registration to OncoDot.1 is restricted to UGent, UZ Gent and VIB-UGent collaborators

Abstracts should be submitted (by Sep 7 at latest) by email to CRIG@UGent.be (cc: Anna.Rose@UGent.be).
Indicate below your preference concerning your abstract submission:
•    you are interested to be selected for a 10' presentation and/or a storm session (2') presentation
•    or you are only interested to be selected for a storm session (2') presentation


Online07/10/2020 10:00 - 12:15N\A

Additional Information

Provide you affiliation (UGent, UZ Gent, VIB-UGent)
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