Give your research a real Life

Would you like to give your research a real life? There are several options. 

And NOW is the perfect time to find out íf and hów you can transfer your research to the market, to society.

Ghent University TechTransfer and the Industrial Research Fund (IOF) are here to help you in this adventure. 

We offer 2 information sessions (in English).


Wednesday 8 July, 10 am

Thursday 9 July, 10 am

Is this for me?

This info session is for researchers who are not yet familiar with UGent TechTransfer and the Industrial Research Fund (IOF) and are interested in transferring their research into the market.

What can you expect?

- different options for valorisation of your research

- funding possibilities within Ghent University via IOF project calls for transferring research into business
(from 50K up to 650K euro)

- available Ghent University courses on entrepreneurship (most of them for free for UGent personnel) 

- UGent TechTransfer support (contracts, protection of research results, …)

- insight in your direct UGent TechTransfer contact person

- Q&A 

Who are we?

IOF:  The Industrial Research Fund manages the funds for valorisation-oriented research at Ghent University and the associated colleges. The fund is subsidized by the Flemish government. 

TechTransfer:  UGent TechTransfer manages the intellectual property of the university, drives the use of the IP through the creation of spin-offs and licensing, and supports the research community of Ghent University in creating research collaborations with industry.

Information session of TechTransfer (registrations open until 6th July)


Wednesday 8 July

Online08/07/2020 10:00 - 11:00N\A

Thursday 9 July

Online09/07/2020 10:00 - 11:00N\A
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