26/11/2020 - Lecture 'Tackling social determinants of health.'

Guest speaker: Prof. Andrew Pinto (Dalla Lana School of Public Health at the University of Toronto)

Organiser: Department of Public Health and Primary Care

Dr. Pinto is a Public Health and Preventive Medicine specialist and family physician. Dr. Pinto’s research is focused on evaluating costs and effectiveness of different models of primary health care and evaluating interventions on social determinants of health that occur at the overlap between primary care and public health. He will give an overview on novel interventions that tackle social factors that impact on health, in collaboration with patients, health providers, community organizations and policymakers. The social determinants of health are not only about material needs, but about social justice.Interventions at the micro-level are focused on meeting the social needs of individuals and families and typically address material deprivation. Interventions at the meso-level are focused on making change in the community in which health care is embedded, typically engaging large parts of the community. Interventions at the macro-level are focused on achieving policy change and engage health providers and public health professionals in advocacy with communities.

To be announced26/11/2020 16:00 - 17:30N\A
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